LightUp for SketchUp

LightUp has produced an unacceptable amount of crashes, lately, and I don’t know why. I set the model up, save it, then I run the render for my model after setting the lights up, (my model of an NS 1700, see I see the preview of my final product, and there are things I need to tweak, (The light position, etc.) and I exit the tour tool, then I move my mouse and SketchUp crashes. I then reopen my model, and as soon as it opens, I zoom in, and it crashes, AGAIN!!! Is there a way to fix this, mainly by editing the code in LightUp?

You should perhaps try contacting the author through their own web pages/forum. I have seen the developer @AdamB visit here from time to time but I am not sure about seeing his posts for some time.


When not in TourTool mode, LightUp is dormant, so when you say you open the model and zoom in and SketchUp crashes, it sounds like a graphics card driver issue.

  • have you updated any drivers recently?
  • have you added any new untested SketchUp plugins recently?


Well, the weird thing is, once I disable LightUp tools, everything goes back to normal. Is there another problem?

OK, so is this with ALL models, or a specific model?

No, all models, including unsaved ones. Is there something wrong with attributing materials and lights, with the whole, loading the texture properties thing?

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Now, I know the problem. There is something wrong with the Realtime/Dynamic light wave presets. I can run LightUp without them, but once I use them before I render, it crashes. Could there be a bug in the code, or does it take a better processor to use?