Licensing SketchUp Pro 2017 in a virtual machine before capturing

Unlike previous versions, SketchUp Pro 2017 will not launch in a virtual machine environment because SketchUp does not detect a graphics card. I would like to license SketchUp before sysprep/capture. Is there a way to license SketchUp in a virtual machine before capturing the image or will I have to run a script post-deployment to launch and license SketchUp on each client machine? Thanks.

If you check the system requirements (OS) you will notice that virtual machine hosts are not supported, so you’ll probably keep on running into trouble in future should you wish to continue down that road.

Having said that, which VM host are you using? I recall that VirtualBox had a setting for emulating a GFX card a few years ago, if I recall correctly. I have not dabbled with this in recent times though, so you might want to check it out first.

It depends on the virtual machine environment. I have tested it successfully in a VM that connects to a Nvidia Grid graphics environment. SketchUp 2017 won’t work if not running in a system supporting OpenGL 3.0.

Which card did you use and how many machines were on it ?

I haven’t seen the physical setup.I understand that it has the physical punch to set up about 20 VMs with 4…8 threads and the equivalent of a Quadro K2000 each. Still at testing phase.

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