Can't Highlight Surfaces (in a VMware VM)

Hi All
Since i use Linux both privately and professionally as my main OS (or rather my only OS) for about 12 years now, i am one of those few struggeling to get SketchUP to work in a way i can use it. SketchUP is the only tool i would really love to use that isn’t available for Linux and my.sketchup just isn’t there yet.
So far what worked best for me was running a Windows VM to run Sketchup. I have used VirtualBox so far, but with 2017 and its OpenGL 3 dependency that no longer works. I switched to VMware Player 12 which now works by providing OpenGL 3.3 compatibility under Windows. Sketchup 2017 starts and can be used just fine but i can’t highlight Surfaces.
I can still click on them and then manipulate them, i just don’t see that they are highlighted. Also the Push-Pull tool works as intended but it is a bit of a hassle when you never really know if you are going to push/pull the surface you want.

I am totally aware, that VM’s are not officially supported, but i still hope that someone has a tip for me like a hidden legacy mode, some setting that i could change to make those selected surfaces visible as such. I am getting into CNC now and would love to buy SketchUP pro to get those extra features, especially Constraints and the additional export formats, but with every update being a new challenge to get things working again i am still a bit hesitant to spend all that money on this software. I just don’t give up for now because I really love the way things can be designed with Sketchup and i haven’t found anything Linux compatible that provides the same, fast to use method to design new projects.

Hope to get some help


Question there did you install the Guest additions and the Extension pack and let it install the mouse ab the Video driver ? I can do all of the things you say you can’t do and on a laptop with only 256 megs video . . I have 64 bit Sketchup Make 2016 in windows 8-1 inside of Virtual Box ( use Ubuntu 15.10 64 bit )

Hi Iynne
yes, i did install all of that. the key to your success is Sketchup Make 2016 … Trimble has changed some stuff on the graphics engine so that it now requires OpenCL 3 while 2016 was still able to run on OpenCL 2. VirtualBox is currently unable to provide OpenCL 3 support, that’s why I had to switch to VMware player, because they already have OpenCL 3 support in their VM’s. You will not be able to run Sketchup Make 2017 in your setup I’m afraid.

I also noticed that when i for example copy paste a component, it now takes very long for it to be inserted into my drawing with 2017 and my new setup. If I move a component and press CTRL while doing so i can copy it alot faster. No idea why that is… but the bottom line is just, that 2017 is everything but an advancement for people like us who ran 2016 in a VM. Everything seems to get slower in a VM. Sadly Trimble does not support running Sketchup in VM’s so we’re probably left behind :anguished:


There is a box in the video support for that but you have to look for it. . But since I only have 256 megs of video on this laptop my older one had 512 megs and more ram . haha 2017 setup said you do n0t have enough video in a window which came up almost right away and it quit . . So back to 2016 I went . . This is a EL Cheapo from a 2 letter company . starts with H …and it is slower by just a tiny bi but still a I3 CPU . . Got it for only $275.00 . . On Social Security so not a lot of money to just play with

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