Hardware acceleration error in VDI

Hi We are getting errors when trying to install the software inside the VDI image . Hardware acceleration errors. VDI, vmware

It is not supported (yet?)
Aa per license agreement, you may not host the software in a virtual environment.
Check these thread:

What does that term actually mean? I once tested SketchUp in a virtual machine that ran on Citrix with Nvidia graphics. The VM used our company’s Trimble-hosted network licenses just like a normal workstation would. Is that “hosting”? BTW, the system worked perfectly and I needed to carry around half the weight of my current “mobile workstation”. Virtual desktops are, however, unsupported so if anything goes wrong you are on your own.

Per the SketchUp Pro EULA in section 2.5 License Restrictions.:
You shall not (and shall not allow any third party to): (g) use or host the Software in a virtual server environment;

Perhaps the EULA is a bit outdated, legislation always follows what is technically possible.
Main point is that a SketchUp License is personal which could be -traditionally- tied to a physical machine or a CD/DVD ‘back in the days’ with a printed serial number on it (I have bought a ‘license’!)

That ‘physical’ connection is gone with virtual environments, so you would need a non-personal Network license which basically counts the number of seats in use, not who is on it.

Some users have Linux Os which runs Windows in a virtual box or Wine, I have no experience with that, but I guess you can make it work because it looks for the MacAddress, which is physical. Same with Bootcamping Windows on a Mac.

With more and more companies outsourcing their IT, virtualisation of the environments becomes pretty standard, so we need some kind of update on this, I guess.
Some environments have no access to Trimble’s server, but there is an option to buy a ‘Private Server’
This server software only works on ‘bare metal’ physical machine, so that is taken care of in the EULA (not a Lawyer)
Come to think of it, isn’t software by definition ‘virtualised’ as oposed to the BIOS, which is ‘engraved’ in the chips :grinning: @DanRathbun ?

Software vs. Firmware

I wouldn’t really generalize it that way. Traditionally, Software is transient - loaded from storage and Firmware is burned in. But with the invention and proliferation of flash memory, the lines become blurred.

Anyway, let us not get too far from the subject of the thread.