Licensing Server

Our licensing server was experiencing some technical difficulties this morning (January 4, 2018). This was escalated and has now been fixed. Your network licenses should be up an running again so you can continue SketchUpping :slight_smile:

Thanks for the note.

In the future, where would be the best place to check the status of the Licensing Server(s). I spent a bit of time this morning kicking people out of SketchUp to free up licenses trying to troubleshoot this issue thinking it might be on our end.

I cases like this, people would expect a notification to appear right when you go to the main page.

@Caroline & all

The Technical Problems > Known Issues subcategory was purposefully created just for these kind of scenarios.

However, team members keep forgetting it is there, and post in product subcategories instead.

And the one announcement in there should have long since been moved to it’s product subcategory, as it’s no longer a “tracked issue”.

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the Help Center is currently showing a concerning banner.

the Network License Report page might be helpful also, if not being accessible can maybe give a hint too…

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التقاطايش حل هاذي المشكلة

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