Having issues connecting to Sketchup license server



Anyone else having issues connecting to the license server for Sketchup Pro 2018? Users have reported having issues since yesterday afternoon.


August 29, 2018 (Europe: Paris), August 29, 2018 (America: Los Angeles)

yes , I can’t connect to the server, single user online license


Yes, we are having issues with the license server for Sketchup Pro 2018 too.
It startede today, this afternoon.


Yes, anyone have a resolution?


No, not at this time. :angry:
I called but call volume too high so I left a voicemail. Also, emailed support and received no response yet. Glad we’re not the only ones… but hopefully this will be resolved soon.


Same here no response from support to my email


Where are all you folks? I’m in the Midwest of the US and not having any problems. Is this issue confined to a specific region?


same here on east coast and mid country - chicago. unable to get license. since yesterday afternoon.

they dont answer support emails. nor do they answer tech support phone or vm’s. and every phone number i can find with them goes unanswered.


We are located in the NorthWestern U.S. and are having these same license server issues. We too have submitted a support ticket but have not received any response.


I’m out in Pennsylvania, USA. Sketchup Support responded to me via email around 12 pm EST (about an hour ago) and informed me it should be working shortly…

As of now, it is working!


Dallas, TX here, can’t connect


Not specific region, license type.
Network licenses use different servers…