Licensing issue SU-pro2018


HI all,

Recently, my sketchup pro 2018 crashed and I need to reinstall. I removed the license before I do so.

After I’ve reinstalled the program and try to activate the license, it prompted that the license is invalid. I find it weird I was able to do so but now I cannot activate it.

The serial no begins with TA-0009

Can anyone help?



License trouble shooting link

  • ensure that you are actually installing the version 2018, other/older versions do not work with license data of the recent v2018
  • ensure that your system does have a working internet access w/o a proxy or other specialities as well as ports 80/8080/443 open (firewall)
  • in general, launch the Sketchup setup by “right-click > Run as Admin”
  • don’t copy/paste license data to the text field of the Advanced mode but use the simple mode (serial/auth. field) only


Thanks for your help