License Renewal Grace Period?

I received my email to renew my Sketchup Pro license as usual. The expiration date of my license was 2/26/19 then there is the 30 day grace period. I went to pay the $120 renewal fee yesterday and there was a $60 reinstatement fee added for supposedly being outside of the 30 day grace period of 3/26/19. However, the math doesn’t add up to 30 days. Since February only has 28 days that means that my 30 day grace period would be today, 3/28/19, not 3/26/19. I emailed Trimble yesterday to have the reinstatement fee removed so I could renew but haven’t heard anything as today is the last day to renew. I just wanted to find out if anyone else has had the same problem? I do usually renew near my expiration date but was unable to this time.

don’t try this at home… looks like the used calcualtion specification is not counting the true days but just incrementing the month counter 1 digit?

Regardless of this, trying to optimize the maintenance runtime by placing the renewal as tight as possible to the expiration date of already the grace period isn’t required, the 1 year maintenance is always added to the maintenance expiration date and not to the date of order.

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Thanks for the reply Sketchup3D

The way I see it is, it’s either 30 days or it’s not. This is an excerpt from the email SU sent me.

(Reinstatement fee will be charged starting 30 days after the original expiration date, 2019/02/26.)

sure, but the question is why it is obviously not, at least in your case.

@TysonK any ideas.

I’m not an expert on licensing issues but if you’ve emailed/ submitted a ticket to our support team already, they’ll get things sorted for you. They are usually pretty good at turn around time so I’d guess you’d hear back today.

This is also the case on the other side, when you decide to ‘buy early’ eg. If you pay in november 2018 and the expiry date is 26 december 2018, the new maintenance plan will expire 26 december 2019

Can anyone direct me to HOW the renewal process works? I’m stuck in a torture session with accounting customer service, as I do not receive renewal notices. Old email address defunct, they won’t change to new one unless the request comes from the old one (=impossible). So now I’m into a second year of this fiasco, and all they can say is those are the rules, and I’ve got to pay $60 penalty since it’s late. I do not KNOW when or how renewals are handled, or I’d be a good little boy and pay , as I’d love to stop this endless loop of being spanked for a renewal I didn’t know was due. And, no way to resolve a simple email address change(?)
Anybody have a clue, other than “contact customer service”?

Did you buy directly from Trimble or via a partner/reseller?
Normally, (with now called classic licenses) you buy a one-year-maintenance ahead included in the price ($120+$580=700)
This includes support and upgrades to the latest and greatest for a one year period, starting from the purchase date.
You would receive notifications before this period ends.
Off course, those are sent to the email address with which you bought it.

Nevertheless, the fact that they say you would have to pay the penalty (regardless the email change) suggests that this is more about you’re being late to renawal then the change of the actual email address?

If you do not have to pay the penalty, why would someone else? I let mine expire two years ago, and payed the fine…

If you do not like to be responsible for the things you buy, it is best to outsource your IT to some party you would trust.

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