The 30 days envelope after expiration of licence

according to my renewal notice

Your SketchUp Pro Maintenance & Support agreement for the license/s below have expired. Please renew now to avoid reinstatement fee. (Reinstatement fee will be charged starting 30 days after the original expiration date 01/02/2015).

However when I try to renew, its charging me for “Enroll/Reinstate Maintenance & Support, Single User” =$145.00

II thought that as I am still within the 30 days I would be charge $95


Hi Phillip,

If 01/02/2015 is interpreted as Month/Day/Year it means January 2nd 2015, some 52 days ago.
That’s how the date would be interpreted by those in the USA.

If 01/02/2015 is interpreted as Day/Month/Year it means February 1st 2015, just 23 days ago.
It seems that’s how the rest of the world would interpret it.

How would 01/02/2015 be interpreted where you live?

To Philip and the rest of us in the known world 01/02 is the First of February, 24 days ago.
The date issue has been the bane of my life every since I got involved with doing work for Americans.

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So true,

I adapted to inches for working with DC and not having to worry about the 2.54 bug

Now I have to adapt to their dating system

then probably weights will be next?

Oh well, when I thought I had plenty of time to pay the bill, I guess I have to fork out the extra $50.
Life lessons can be hard

thanks Geo, I guess the sketchup guys could help out by naming the month.


I’m sure we (US) will get around to fixing the date thing eventually.
Maybe right after we adopt the metric system would be a good time.

Until then, we remain that quaint industrialized nation … with a standards issue.
More Than A Mile Behind: America and the Metric System

I think you should have a chat SU Sales.

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I sent an email on their payment page at the time I posted this subject, I will wait a while, which in Tasmania, Australia is a few days up to a week and see if I get a response.


[quote=“Box, post:3, topic:7571, full:true”]
To Philip and the rest of us in the known world 01/02 is the First of February,[/quote]

“01.02.” is the First of February for the rest of us.

Well I am happy to say, the guys @ sales, did allow me some leniency, and I have immediately paid my subscription, which is more than worth it.

We are actually dealing with people.