License not recognized

Started subscription service early December. Before that I’m a daily Pro22 user.
Now App won’t start and prompts me to start a trial. It won’t accept my pro22 ser# and Auth#. And if I restart as directed for a subscription service, I’m given a message “We are unable to start your trial”
Your input is appreciated.

Version 2022 has no serial number and authorization code. You sign in with the e-mail that you used to buy the application. If it doesn’t work you go to the account management page and assign the license to your account.

Thanks for a quick reply. The Ser and Auth # I referenced was from my 21Pro account. my mistake.
Following your advice, I selected the link to “Manage Account” on e-mails received upon subscribing.
I’m taken to my Trimble account page with no obvious place to “assign the license” nor did any of the 4 e-mails I received at date of subscription provide a “License #” I’ve found an account number but no place to insert said number.

You assign the seat of your purchased plan in the Member section of the Account Portal (
Check if the email that you use has a product in the third column (not free only but also pro), change with the three dots at the end.

Normally, it is automatically assigned when buying, but you might have unchecked a tickbox.
After that, sign out in SketchUp and back in.

As you suggested, I verified Pro annual plan was assigned in Members page.
Signed out and back in. No change.
Rebooted, reconfirmed, No change.
When I attempt to open App, it takes me to Start Trial page.
However, it will not allow me to start a trial.

I have been able to launch 21 Pro and work in an older version.
Any further ideas?

Complete uninstall and relaunch has me back in the game.
Thanks for your help.

The subscription you started on December 1st looks like it should be working ok. It should not be offering a trial to you.

It may be worth going through the steps in this article. The information about your logins may be corrupt in some way, and the article tells you how to delete that file that will then give you a fresh start:

I saw your latest message after I added this. Glad it’s working now.

The Log-in-errors article that is linked has had its information merged into an FAQ article. This is the new link to use:

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