License for Extension not Working

I purchased a license for the s4u Make Face extension after the trial period had expired. In the extension manager, it shows up as enabled and functional


However when trying to use the extension I get the error message:

No license for product (-1)

Has anyone else had this problem, and is there a way to resolve it?

Same issue is discussed here: Can I merge multiple accounts?

When did you made the purchase?
What account did you use at that time?

I made the purchase today. I downloaded the trial probably a month or two ago. Both were made with the same account. I only have one account.

The trial was already expired (I think that may be part of the problem) when I purchased the license. It seems as though sketchup can’t reconcile the difference, and only sees it as an expired trial, despite the fact the extension manager shows it as a purchased license.

Sorry, slight update. Now in the extension manager I get this button:


but clicking on that does nothing. I am not able to add a license that way. It gives no response.

In SU, try to log out of Extension Manager. Restart SU, log back into Extension Manager, try reloading the extension.

Else, uninstall the extension, restart SU, reload the extension (obviously need to be logged in for this).

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