Cannot license my Make Face Pro Extension

I have installed the trial version of Make Face Pro, then purchased the license, but I cannot get it licensed. In Extension manager it says: “Failed to obtain active License for s4u-make Face Pro. License missing.” When I click “Update License” it says “Failed to update s4u-Make Face Pro. Unable to update License.” and it goed to “Disabled” right away.

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Are you using a SketchUp 2019 subscription license? There appears to be some sort of clash between subscriptions and extension warehouse licenses.


I have a licensed Sketchup Pro 2019.

Subscription or Classic license?

Please correct your profile. It indicates you are using SketchUp Make.

You need to contact support, you will be redirected to your distributor if you bought it outside the US.


My distributor only supports my Sketchup Pro License, not Make Face Pro, which I needed to buy online. In US Dollars.


Then you should start here.

You cannot select ‘Extension’ in product…

Which is why I pinged Riley…

My license is not recognized as ‘with maintenance’. We receive new licenses every year from our distributor. They say they don’t know the extension and it isn’t supported by Sketchup either…

The product to select would be SketchUp Pro.

One thought about this, is it a student license? The one year at a time classic license has gone away, and now you get the 12 month SketchUp Studio subscription instead. Which makes it more likely you will run into the extension license problem. I’m pretty sure SketchUp support will have a solution for you.

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Technically the product would be Extension Warehouse, not the extension per se.

An Australian user of one of my extensions had a similar problem. SketchUp support sent him to the local Australian reseller who sent him to me. However, to my knowledge, the SketchUp boulder support team is the only team with access to the Extension licensing system and the ability to correct licensing issues.

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When bought directly from Trimble in the Extension Warehouse, the revenue does not flow through the reseller (or distributor) were a customer bought his license.
So a reseller who is bizzy handling support issues doesn’t feel obligated to give support for a product he didn’t sell…
But in case a client fills in the ‘contact support’ , they always get redirected to the local distributor.

In this case, the license is not recognized at all, so perhaps @rschiltm did not fill in the correct info?

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I’ve had the same issue, it no longer seems to be active?
A free alternative is the one from smustard. works as well.

That’s the problem, Sketchup doesn’t let me fill in info…

Thank you, I will try that!

How did you install that? The download file has extension .rb, where Sketchup only wants .rbz. Renaming does not work. doesn’t seem to have the answer.

You can zip the .rb file and rename it to .rbz or place the .rb file in the (hidden) folder:
C:\Users\YouruserName\AppData\Roaming\SketchUp\SketchUp 2019\SketchUp\Plugins

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Just placing the makesfaces.rb and progressbar.rb in the folder you mention did the trick. Thank you all!