Licence Linked to an old email that don't have access to

Hi, I have just renewed my licence but it’s linked to an old email address that I no longer have access to. I dont have the licence number either as this has also been sent to this email.

How do I contact someone in the UAE rather than in America?

There’s no license numbers anymore, you have to sign in with the email adress and password you used when buying the subscription.

Hi - Thank you. The email its linked to doesn’t have an account though so no idea how to get it back?

It depends on where you bought your subscription. If from a local reseller, you would call/email them…

I would ask your reseller to change your account email to an email adress that you do own currently…
If they cannot do it themselves I suspect they can ask SketchUp to do it…

Please correct your forum profile. You are not using the “Free Plan” if you purchased a subscription. Add the actual version of Pro along with the operating system and graphics card model.

Who did you purchase the subscription through?