Lib Fredo6 tool set causing repeated crash

I am having repeated issues with the tools in the Lib Fredo6 tool set; Specifically, the model I am working on crashes each and every time now when I use a tool from the Lib Fredo 6 tool set (e.g. the Split tool) and then attempt to save the model. This issue does not occur when I use any of the native tools or any other extensions/plug-ins and attempt to save the model. I have updated the Lib Fredo6 plug-in to the v14.2a version. Does anyone know how to resolve this?

Have you also updated to the current version of the Sketchucation Extension Store?

What is the Split tool?


Hey Dave - I’m not sure how to update the extension store itself; However, after having had my laptop shut down for a time (having already updated the extension), the Lib Fredo6 toolset for Windows is working well.

Hey Fredo6 - The ‘Split’ tool is the one located at the right end of the Lib Fredo6 toolset. I misspoke though; It was actually the subtract tool I’d been using. Having said that, I tested a couple of tools from the Lib Fredo6 toolset after I began having the repeated crash issue, all with the same result (an issue that was not happening with the native tools or any other extensions). Anyway, after shutting down my laptop for a time, the technical issue seems to have been resolved.

You should already have it installed if you are using Fredo6’s extensions. Open the user interface and select Sketchucation in the center dropdown list. Then click the red Download and Install button.

There’s no toolbar for LibFredo. How about showing a screenshot of what you are actually looking at?

It should also be noted that it was @Fredo6 (creator of the extensions we are talking about) who was asking… assuming there was a mistake in here somewhere…

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I have also an issue with Fredo Thru Paint 2 which makes Su (2023 - last one) freeze.
It takes ages - please wait to load all SU materials - no option to disable this function.

Please Dear Author a piece of advice.
Many thanks in advance

From Sketchucation
Have you tried this??

ThruPaint will automatically replace the old extension FredoTools::ThruPaint if you have FredoTools installed. If you uninstall ThruPaint, then FredoTools::ThruPaint will be enabled again.

Hullo, I do thank you for the suggestion.
As I understand you propose to return to the old version of the extension
Probably it could work as previously.

Indeed the better seems to be the enemy of good.

And I have paid fir the, so called better - Thru Paint 2.

Once more, thank you.
If nothing cures the better I will try your sokution…

ThruPaint2 is still free. What did you pay for then ?

I was having the same problem, but re-installing ThruPaint2 seemed to do the trick.

I’ve found that having SUClock (not the archived version) installed from the SketchucationStore plugin crashes SU23 upon startup if choosing an existing/recent project from the launcher.
I can still load up SU23 if I pick ‘start a new project’ from the launcher.
I checked if it might be crashing/not loading that specific project up because said project was created last week whilst having SU clock installed, by creating a new project without SUClock installed saving it and then choosing it in recent. This was not the case as both the new project saved and the older project could both be opened up and SU23 loads without SUClock
The plugin still works once I am in SU23, so I don’t know how else to test further.
I will try ThruPaint2 also but for now I am happy at least I have SU loading without errors.
Is SUClock included in FredoTools? Its a very handy little addition to know how much actual tool time is spent.