Letters won't conform to surface

I am trying to make a realistic plane for a friend…Everything is fine, except I can’t get the letters to fit the form of the model. The red and yellow line along the side of the plane is level, tho it may not appear that way because of the taper. The letters are supposed to go from the center of the rear most pilot’s window, and go all the way to the back. If anyone has the time to detail how to do this, I would be very appreciative. Especially since I will be doing more projects like it. Thankyou in advance for any help/suggestions/tutorials you may have the courtesy to offer. Robbie
Twin Engine Plane.skp (6.3 MB)

Extrude the letters and intersect with the plane (same context)

Also, orient the faces correctly, with the white facing outwards.

Mihai.s, Thankyou for your response, and I had already tried extruding the caption, stretching to points within the model. It doesn’t seem to conform to the shape of the plane. Could it be that I the pinstripes are wrong? Or maybe it will look believable if I were to remove the pinstripes? If one looks at the profile of the plane at a birds eye view (pun intended), you can see that the shape sharply bends. Is it possible that I should install the “N13066” as it’s own entity and mount it more in line with the shape. I think it could be above my skill level, but I would love to learn. Thankyou in advance for any tips or tricks you are able to offer. Robbie


If it’s not what you want, then save a snapshot at a certain angle and sketch in Paint the text as you want it to be oriented, to be clearer how you want it to be placed


But normally, if you extrude the text and intersect it with the desired surface, it should come out the way you want.

Mihai…If I am correct, I can

  1. Create 3D text
  2. Create component of text
  3. Use the push-pull tool to penetrate the caption into the model
  4. Explore the model, then remove the text that protrudes
  5. Then I can color the text

Please let me know if this is correct

Thankyou for your help Mihai.s


Alternatively you can try the procedure described in this SU file. Click in sequence on the scenes tabs.

Text on airplane fuselage.skp (737.4 KB)

Hello Jean…I tried to open the sketchup file and the instructions are layered over each other. Tried reading it anyway and it seems like a good idea from what I could decipher. Would it be possible to send the instructions in a normal videoclip format? I appreciate your help. Robbie

I uploaded another version in SU 2017 format.

If you open it, you shall be on Scene 1 and have a first view showing two fuselages with some text explaining things. Then, if you click in succession on the Scenes tabs 2, 3 and 4, pausing for each to read everything, you shall see the development of the procedure. Don’t zoom out to see all. This will mangle the display of text explanation.

Hi Mihai.s

This image looks good, where the letters sit along the side of the airplane, then get push/pulled into the plane. I like this method, however I do not know all the steps needed to make it happen. Is it possible to tell me (or show me) a step by step guide to how I can do it the same as you? I also do not know how to remove the extrusions of the letters so they will be flush and able to be painted. I would be happy if we could do a Teamviewer (or other) session, that I can learn this vital procedure. I would be happy to compensate you for your time and knowledge. Thanks in advance for any assistance you can offer.

Robbie New York

Lettering doesn’t have any magical properties, it is just like any other geometry.
So you simply need to extrude the lettering through the surface then intersect it with the relevant surface.
Here I am using Intersect Face with Model, so that the actual raw geometry of the curve is intersecting with the lettering which is in another context (it is contained within a group) therefore creating the edges in the curved face.


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