Docking 3d lettering on a surface

Hi all…Thankyou for the ifo on shadows…I will work on that this morning. I have always had an issue with bringing captions to a surface. Is there a way to make a group or componant of the logo and direct it to the surface of the oval by clicking on the spot where it would go? This is appreciated. I have to submit this design for a zoning board meeting later today, Thankyou in advance for your incomporable advice.

The question seems so basic that I fear I may be missing your point…

Select all of the logo and make it a component. Activate the move tool and select a point on the back face of the component whose desired location on the oval you know (you might need to add guide lines to both the logo component and the oval to clearly mark what needs to line up with what). Use the move tool to position the logo as needed.

Steve, Thankyou again for helping me with my quandries. RoB

Steve, I cannot seem to get on the d warehouse. Is there a trick to itr? I
have always usewd it effortlessly, but it won’t load anymore. I could
really use it for the project I am working on. Any insight? Thankyou again.


If you are referring to the extension warehouse or 3D warehouse, there have been a lot of people reporting connection issues recently. You can search this forum for various solutions. I believe that logging off and then logging back in to the warehouse has worked for some people.

Thankyou Steve…My rendering is almost finished…not perfect but will
get the job for me (I think). The last 2 issues are that I made columns for
the sign (on each side) , and I can’t seem to fill in the side panels. I
tried adding some lines with the pen tool and then deleting sections (like
I do for letters), but no luck. I don’t want the customer to see the
insides of the columns. Second theng is the front faces of those same
columns have a couple unwanted lines in them (see diagonals). I try to
erase them and then the front panel also becomes transparent. I am learning
but it is a difficult process for me. Thankyou Steve for your expert
solutions. I will attach the skp file and the screen capture so you can see
it in it’s virtual domain if you like. RoB

Traditions Mechanical.skp (1.27 MB)

The file you attached has only the logo and the ovals, no columns.

Your issues with the extra edges and with the sides not closing a face sound like the corners are not quite coplanar. If you are pressed for time, you could draw a diagonal across the side to create two triangular faces. Then select and hide the extra lines. That won’t actually fix the problems but it will conceal them :wink:. The alternative is to start over and draw the columns more carefully so that the corners stay in plane. That would no doubt take you longer but if you have the time would be a worthwhile learning exercise.


Thankyou Steve. Unfortunately, I have my second job to go to, so I will try
your plan A. And thankyou for your valuable advice.


Hi Steve…

I always was easily able to access my textures dialogue under
"materials", but now I can’t find it at all. Did SU remove the option? I
have SU 2016. Thankyou in advance
for your valuable answer

Rob in NY

No, they didn’t change materials dialog. It sounds like maybe a toolbar or tray got altered somehow and isn’t showing the item you expect. I’m on Mac so I can’t tell you much about how to fix that. If you press the default shortcut key b does the materials window open then?