STill trying to put letters on a fuselage

I had been trying to put lettering on an airplane and gave up a few months ago. But I thought the break could have been fruitful. So I created a cylinder, then typed my name as 3D text, after which I plced the word on the cylinder and push pulled the letters thinking I could delete everything outside of the cylinder, leaving the word fitted to the curvature, then I would paint it and be done. But I am stuck …please see my SKP. Is there anyone who can demystify this quandary? I appreciate all of you who have tried to show me things on sketchup, I am a newbie at best, but trying to learn the ropes. Thankyou.ROBBIE-SKP.skp (240.9 KB)

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Like this?

Select the surface of the cylinder, right click on it and choose Intersect Faces>With Model. Hide or delete the text component and the letters should be there.

It would make life easier if you drew out the circle on axis and square to the axis plane instead of at some random angle.

Thankyou Dave…Looks like it worked…Here is how it came out…Inside the “B” one of the holes is darker and I don’t know why, also, should I have painted the letters first, or can I do that later? Thanks again for your help.

RobbieROBBIE-SKP-2.skp (268.5 KB)

Probably didn’t get a complete interesection. You might need to trace an edge segment with the Line tool.

If I do that, can I then apply paint? Thx

Yes. You should be able to apply materials to any faces/surfaces.

I will try that. Thanks for taking the time to expose the technique to me! R

Dave…I’s SO close…Threw a few letters on the plane design, but when I try to remove whatever is protruding, I tend to remove parts of the base of the “keep” part of the letters. Haven’t tried to color them yet, but with your help I sure am getting close! thx, ~R~ROBBIE-skp-3.skp (6.7 MB)

You’re not working in the correct context, you need to be using the geometry of the fuselage to intersect with the lettering.
So keep the lettering as a group or component, dive into the model until you reach the faces of the fuselage and use those to Intersect with Model.

Here’s the model of the plane…I popped some letters on it, but it was very tedious to remove the parts to delete without deleting some of the keep sections. I did try to paint one of the letters, got it to highlight blue, but paint would not apply. Here’s the plane…Thx, RROBBIE-skp-4.skp (6.6 MB)

Thankyou Dave…I have to go now but will review all of your tips tomorrow, and will send you my final result. It’s for a friend who’s Son went to flight school, then graduated to flight instructor. You’re the best! Robbie

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How’s this look?
ROBBIE_Done.SKP (1.1 MB)

While not 3D projections there are several You-Tube videos that show how to project things onto curved surfaces.

  1. Projecting Textures on Curved Surfaces
    SketchUp Skill Builder: Projecting Textures on Curved Surfaces - YouTube
    2)Mapping photo textures to curved surfaces
    SketchUp: Mapping photo textures to curved surfaces - YouTube
    3)Applying Textures onto Curved, Circular, Convex & Concave Surfaces
    SketchUp 2018 Tutorial Applying Textures onto Curved, Circular, Convex & Concave Surfaces - YouTube
    4)X-Plane Scenery: Projected Textures (Curved Surfaces) X-Plane Scenery: Projected Textures (Curved Surfaces) - YouTube
    5)Projecting Textures in SketchUp
    Projecting Textures in SketchUp - YouTube
    6)4 WAYS TO APPLY MATERIALS to Complex Shapes 4 WAYS TO APPLY MATERIALS to Complex Shapes in SketchUp - YouTube
    7)How to Add a Texture to a Curved Surface in Sketchup How to Add a Texture to a Curved Surface in Sketchup - YouTube

I realize that these are older You-Tube videos and may or may not work in the latest SketchUp version. I do hope that they can help in some small way.

The only problem with projecting onto a curved surface is that that the whole surface is covered with the logo or artwork, which, I think, they are trying to avoid.

It doesn’t have to be repeated over the whole surface. Here I’ve created a texture from an image and applied it to the cylinder. It’s only shown once.

I didn’t project it although I could have. Instead I wrapped it around the cylinder. Projecting it would have distorted it although not very much in this case.