How to add 3D text to a curved surface?

Hi, I want to add some 3D text to the side of a cylinder, it only seems to work on a flat surface by default. Do I need a plugin?

Thanks, Chris

3D text is, by default, created to be flat. There are a couple of options for applying the text to a curved surface.

The first would be to extrude the flat text through the curved surface and intersect the two. This can work but probably isn’t the best for tight radius curves because the projection will result in distorted letters. With a large radius, the distortion won’t be noticeable. This is a quick way to get the text on the surface so it’s worth knowing.

The other option that comes to mind is to useChris Fullmer’s Shape Bender (see the Extension Warehouse for it) to make a bent copy of the text component to match the curve of the surface.

Thanks, I will look at that…

I’m new to SketchUp but designed this case, I added a text label but it’s a bit ugly and just wanted plain text on the side of the case…

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Not bad for being new to SketchUp.

So you don’t want the raised elliptical thing? Or do you just want to recess the text into the surface of the ellipse?

Thanks, I don’t want the eliptical thing - just the text. If I left it flat and sunk it into the cylinder it doesn’t look right, I want an even height which means curving the letters somehow.


Probably Shape Bender is the ticket for you.

What about using Corel Draw to put the letters on a line and saving it in some form to import into Sketchup . . Would like to make a plaque for a group and it has the name going around inside a circle . . Make it using wood as the filament . . I see if i make the letters a specfic size it comes out very nice but not on the line as I would like . . Making the letters 5 mm tall about 1/8 inch tall . . got to set the size and all in the settings thing

Works great if you save a vector file out of Corel Draw that you can import into SketchUp. Not so many options with Make. Probably easier to just do it all in SketchUp.

Okay will see what the Shape bender can do . . I have to build a wall around my 3D printer getting a cold draft from some place . . Rips parts loose on or about 10th layer ERRRR !

Here’s what I got when using Shape Bender.

Also wonder if it could be done with Freedo’s ThruPaint and JointPushPull?

Or VisuHole by Fredo6

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