3D text on a sphere

I would like to place 3D text on a curved surface like a 1/2 sphere. Is there an app for that?

Check out Flowify!


I just draped non-extruded text from SketchUp over a sphere’s surface and then used FredoTools Joint Push and pull to extrude it. Is that what you’re looking for? See screenshot for test example.12 PM

yes, that is the end result I am looking for.
I am not quite following what you did.
I think you started with a circle and text on it, the use the tool to extrude both into the sphere and raised text. If that is true, the problem is I already have the model with the sphere

An animated gif might work better but its late so here’s some quick screenshots to get you going.
1.) Intersect sphere with ground plane at mid point to get a sense of how big your sphere is in order to place the text within it. Or if you know how big just draw a circle with that diameter.

2.) Move and scale text to fit where you want on circle.

3.) Move text directly above sphere.

4.) Extrude text.

5.) Copy or move text down so it sits in sphere as we need to intersect them together.

6.) Make cure to either explode your sphere or paste in place the text so it sits inside your sphere group. Select both sphere and text and select ‘intersect with selection.’

7.) Then select text or color and select by material and group (note there may be some minor gaps you need to close manually).

8.) Edit text group and select all then use JointPushPull plugin to extrude to whatever height you want.

9.) Thats it! seems complicated but 5 mins max once you have plugin installed and ready to go.

Just ran across this as I was thinking most people may not want to go through these steps. Alternative process is to make each letter a component and set it to “glue to any.” Then you can just place the text manually wherever you want. The text itself won’t be curved but maybe that’s not necessary. See other forum post for how to do that:

You could use the Drape tool from the Sandbox tools and the Joint Push/Pull to extrude the letters.

thanks eric
I sort of did that one at a time but trying to clean up the stuff under the surface is a big issue.

Keep the text grouped, select the face of the sphere and use ‘Intesect with Model’.
This will created the intersection only on the sphere and you can move or delete the text group as a whole.

DaveR - that has it. I never used the fredo tools so I had to figure that push/pull out as the included one doesn’t work with curved surfaces.


thanks for that tip. I always have issues with that and never tried it in reverse. I assume the sphere must be ungrouped.

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