How to make 3d text on round surface?



I would like to know how to make sth like this:

on round surface, for example a roller.
Thanks in advance!

Best way to close holes on curved surfaces?

Chris Fullmer’s Shape Bender from the Extension Warehouse to bend the text and Intersect Faces or Subtract from Solid Tools to cut it out of the roller.

Read the instructions for Shape Bender. It only works with components aligned with the red axis and the curve needs to be on the red/green plane. I rotated the text as shown, exploded the text component and remade it. You could also just use Change Axes to reorient them.

I cut through the pipe because your example was cut through but embossed text would be just as easy.


Using native tools, this is how I would achieve it…Text.skp (970.9 KB)


If you like to use a plugin, you can try Fredo6s Visuhole:


Thank you guys for your help!

Cotty, very nice plugin, I’m going to try to use it