How do you wrap text around curved object?


I am trying to curve letters around the surface of a wall that I have created. I turned the wall parallel to my text and draped the linework, but rather than projecting my text evenly on the surface, I’m getting this trippy warping effect. Is there another way to do this? It is a long chunk of text and a very curved wall…

You need to bend the text then intersect it with the curved face. Truebend, Shapebender, and Radial Bending are three extensions that spring to mind.

Or perhaps convert it to an image with a screenshot of the text, import it as a texture the project it on to your curved surface?

Depends if you want to keep the geometry of the text.

Wait, is your text 3D text, actual geometry or a .jpg? If you are applying an image you can apply it directly to a curved face provided it has been smoothed to act as a single face. If you are applying 3D text then you will need to bend it as suggested.

You could use solid tools and make a funky airport sign.


Thanks, everyone! I was able to use Fredoscale with the “Radial Bending” option which seems similar to the first methods mentioned. I’ll download the other extensions to keep them handy! I extruded the letters to the desired depth that I wanted them to pop off the wall and then I just used the tool to wrap the whole logo around the wall. I used “joint push-pull tools” to close up minor gaps since the bending tool turned the back of the letters into a curved suface.

Funky airport sign, I like it!