Layout won't recognise a model sent from sketchbook pro 2023

hi my model wont show up in layout even after following help clips. i have a sketchbook pro licence for a macbook pro. wondering if something is out of sync. i am a relatively inexperienced / new user … no error messages … its annoying
Lindsay uk

SketchBook has nothing to do with SketchUp.

If you are actually using SKETCHUP, share the SketchUp file with us so we can see what you’ve got. Also share any messages you get when you try to send the SketchUp file to LayOut.

Your profile says you are using a Mac. Have you actually installed SketchUp and LayOut or are you running it from the .dmg file you downloaded?

i meant sketchup … apologies… have been sitting for hours. abt to start work so bk laters

i think i have installed it . not sure . will check and come back

how do I send a copy of the file ?

Did you follow the instructions?

Drag and drop the SketchUp file into a reply here. If it’s bigger than 16 Mb upload it to DropBox or WE Transfer and share the link.

hey i will puck this up in the morning uk time. i will have time and energy … now working til gone 9 and need to check the above. thanks for such a quick response and your patience… i am 56 and trying hard to be more tech able . it is much appreciated
best wishes
Lindsay :slightly_smiling_face:

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OK. Tomorrow, then.

morning Dave
how you doing? just about to make sure your installation instructions have been sorted.

1418 9 March Overdale plan.skp (811.6 KB)

details of MacBook Pro spec

hey I am paying for Sketchup pro. other editions are available. before making sure I have downloaded the right version, having seen many of the issues with 2023 might it be worth installing an early version with little or no glitches?
best wishes

No wonder you’re having issues with Sketchup 2023.
You’re running mac os Calalina - released in 2019.

For the last few years, Trimble has chosen to support only the last 3 version of osX.

(so an OS released in 2019 won’t be supported in the 2023 version. The 2022 version will still be supported by devs (tools and such) until 2025-2026.)

Sketchup 2023 dropped Catalina. So even though it might in theory run, it won’t be stable, some stuff might not work, it may crash.

In your case yeah, Sketchup 2022. installing a more recent version on this machine may result is problems. Until you update (if you want to) your OS.

ah thats great. thank you so much . I w have no idea which version I am running. I will probably be back :wink:

hi i have uninstalled sketchup pro . how do i go about installing sketchup 22 as pro is the plan i have? thanks

same place you downloaded sketchup pro 23. but take 22.

as you have a subscription, it’ll let you use any version :slight_smile:

Hey Nab I just wanted to say thank you so much for your help yesterday! I downloaded sketchup Pro 2021 this morning. All works and my model is in Layout at the correct scale in the centre of the viewport where I want it! I can play with it and build now I know it all works.
The problem with the updates on my Mac not being supported is so irritating. I didn’t particularly want the Mac update but my MacBook did it automatically. Anyways I should be good for a while :smiley:
Have a great day. I think this service is exemplary!
Best wishes

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On older machines, I recommend to deactivate auto update. At some point, your computer is confortable. New updates will bring non compatible tools and will optimise current machines, not really yours. on the other hand, they may be a bit heavier for your machine to process, hence the feeling that “it was faster before”

Actually, I recommend it on newer machines too (let’s say, machines you use to work), for a different reason : we’ve seen it with SU22/Ventura. some people on ventura had bugs and crashes with SU22, had they not updated to ventura, they would have been fine.
So turn auto update off, do it on your own terms, when your softwares are all compatible and ready, not when a server pushes it :wink:

if you use your computer for leisure, or work with tools that have many alternatives, you’re fine. I mean, if an updates makes Word or Firefox crash, It’ll be fixed shortly, meanwhile I can use google doc or libreoffice or opera.

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sorted!! Thanks !Could give you a hug for this .:grimacing:

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