LayOut won't open multiple files when I double click on the file name


LayOut will only open multiple files if I go to the File menu and click open for each new file I want to view. I used to be able to just keep my file explorer open and double click on any layout file and it would open automatically. Now another co-worker is having this issue but not everyone is. Some people can still just double click on multiple files and have them open fine in LayOut.

Is there a setting I need to change somewhere?

I’m using 2019 PRO now, although this did happen with 2018 PRO as well toward the end, it always used to open up as many files as I wanted by just double clicking on them.

This sounds like an operating system or file association issue and not a LayOut problem. Especially since it isn’t the same for everyone. It works for me to double click on a LayOut file and it’ll open. I can also select multiple LO files, context click on one and choose Open and they will all open. What does happen when you double click on a LayOut file in File Explorer?

If I don’t have LayOut open yet, then the file opens fine. If I already have LayOut open, then I have to go through the file menu to open another one.

There isn’t a setting in LayOut that controls this. Does the LayOut icon on the taskbar highlight after you double click on the LO file?

Not for me. But I don’t have it in my task bar.

Windows 10, right? If you have LayOut open there should be an icon for it in the taskbar.

Yes, Windows 10. The shortcuts are on my desktop. They are not tiles either when I hit the Windows key.

Do you have the taskbar showing at the bottom of the screen?

Oh! Wait, I know what you meant now. It does not highlight when I click on a LO file when I have LO open. Sorry, misunderstood.

What if you right click on a file in File Explorer and choose Open?

I have the same issue. Worked fine with 2018 and now I have to drag it to LayOut every time when it is already open.

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Must have something to do with either the computer or the OS. My situation is the same as the OP. At one time I could open multiple files that way and also use the send to layout from SU to send multiples. Not anymore. In my case this stopped sometime in early '18, on two different PC’s Oh well.

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Just for good measure, Ingersoll and Velina, could you …

  1. Exit any open instances of SketchUp and LayOut

  2. Find the SketchUp 2019 installer exe program and start it by right-click and choose “Run as administrator”

  3. Choose the “Repair” option

  4. Restart Windows

  5. Try the multiple double-click workflow again

I’ll give it a shot. :slight_smile:

That does not work for LayOut

Where is the repair button?

Be back in a bit.

It will be displayed in a messagebox after starting the install exe, IF that version of SketchUp and LayOut are already installed. IF NOT then only a “Install” and “Cancel” option will be displayed.

The installer exe was the file you downloaded from Trimble to install SketchUp, so it’ll likely be in your “Downloads” folder (not in any of the application folders.) If you have deleted it, then re-download it from the download all page.

(Also you are not following instructions on closing all instances of SketchUp and LayOut.)

I did follow your instructions. The screenshot shows what happened after I right clicked the exe. and hit “Run as Administrator”. It just opened SU. I’ll go look in the downloads folder.

This is what I see when I right click and run as admin in the downloads folder. When I hit yes, from the other location, it just opens SU.