Layout 2018 pro opens multiple files with "Open Files from last session" setting

Lately I have had several projects in various phases of Layout production and would like to use the Startup setting “Open Files from last Session”…When this is turned on, Layout seems to open 10-15 session files instead of the three (3) I actually had opened in the previous session… Please explain this glitch and offer any resolve. thank you all for the consideration.

Can’t answer your question but you may get more response if you fill in your profile.

I have the same problem. Is it a known bug? It was fine in Layout 2017.

Hey Thanks for the heads up Simon…on the profile note. NOW that that’s done, let the information flow and SOLVE THIS PROBLEM. Still having the issue. I shut off the setting at one point after a grueling amount of time for LAYOUT to run through its course. My mistake that in thinking that I could come back months later to see if the glitch was still there… IT IS.

Layout get stuck in a loop of opening previous files. It repeats attempts to open files in the programs history.

PROBLEM SOLVED!! After LAYOUT Eventually “BUG SPLATTED”, I submitted the error report and was routed to the result of what the ERROR CODE meant. Broken MODEL References from Sketchup causes the loop. Understandable when files get moved or renamed.

SOLUTION: in order to GET INTO PREFERENCES to TURN OFF the “RE-Open Files from Last Session” ,

  1. OPEN A SINGLE LAYOUT FILE by selecting in Explorer Folder OR MAC equivalent.
  3. This will open Layout just for that File.
  4. You can now open preferences and change you STARTUP settings.

NOTE: I had to wait for 15 minutes for LAYOUT to BUGSPLAT. Your’s may take longer pending the number of files in your history that have broken MODEL LINKS.

So this has happened to me before but I would just end the Layout process in Task Manager while Layout was trying to open many, many files.

Can’t remember what I might have done to get back into Layout to uncheck the Re-open files from last session in Preference>Startup, but I remember being very annoyed but would move on without using the feature.

Some years on, today I decided check Re-open files from last session.

On reopening Layout many, many ancient files were being opened and also Layout was throwing up error dialogs - something about opening particular files (I guess because the files were no longer in their locations) - click ok and more files would open.

So after ending the process, at a loss, I opened up layout.private.json in AppData\Local.… and found that under LastOpenFilesOnClose there were 475 entries!

I deleted the entries except one and lo! - opening Layout just one file opened.

(my trays got reset :roll_eyes:)

So with this one historic file open. I opened a current file and then closed the historic file.

I then saved the current file and closed Layout.

When I re-opened Layout the current file and the historic file open - what’s going on??

Is this a bug - how is this feature supposed to work?


So for me this is not working as I expect - as far as recall I installed SketchUp - right-clicked as administrator - but as I outlined above, this has happened previously with other versions.

As I understand it, whatever files I have open when I close Layout - when I re-open just those files should re-open…?

But no, previous files that I have closed are re-opening - so this is how 475 previously closed files tried to re-open earlier when I ticked Re-open files from last session.