Sketchup Pro '17 keeps opening last file from former session. Can't start new file either

Sketchup Pro 2017 keeps opening last file that was open in former session. Also when I click on start a new file, it will not open, I am stuck with starting in same viewing position which is not even at origin.

After I quit and start up again it opens where I was drawing an object in a former session and with same object.

How do I completely open a new file in original default sketchup window with the person standing at the center?

It sounds like you’ve inadvertently set the model to be default template, to undo this you’d have to go into the settings / preferences menu (not sure, take a look) to correct it.


Indeed this seems the case. If so, delete and purge the entire model, set your view correctly to the axis and save as new template. this will allow you to have a clean workspace on startup

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I don’t know the limitations imposed by the free version you are using, but the best solution of all would be to create your own blank template with default settings that suit your way of working. That would be the one that loads whenever you select New.


Thank you for replies. The info provided in this thread solved issue. I am somewhat new to sketchup and have been temp hired by friend to draw up some stuff. Since making this thread he has purchased 2018 Pro and provided me with license codes and am running that now on my system.

Here is another inquiry I have and might make a new post for but will go ahead and mention here. We have been given a STEP file of something created in Solidworks to bring into Keyshot to be rendered. I am using a trial version of Keyshot at the moment which we are intending to purchase as well.

I can bring the STEP file into Keyshot fine and it renders fine (we did NOT need to open it in Solidworks first thankfully). But what we need to do is place the model from the STEP file on top of another model of an object that I have drawn up in Sketchup. Here is the object as I have drawn it in Sketchup. (I followed a tutorial on how to make screws), the other geometries were easy.

In the photorendered drawing, the pole on top of concrete base is the rendered STEP file. The concrete base with screw assembly is what I drew up in Sketchup. I cropped pole and placed it onto pad using GIMP

ALAS, HERE IS WHAT I WANT TO KNOW: I don’t want to have to use GIMP to combine the the two models. But I don’t have Solidworks, all I have is Sketchup, Keyshot, and STEP file (created in Solidworks). Is there a way for me to bring two different models into Keyshot and mate them together so they can be rendered as one piece.