Opening additional files in LayOut 2019

Re: LO 2019 MR1
File Opening Problem

Hi LayOut Team,

I normally open my LO files by double clicking a desired file in File Explorer (Win10).

No problem opening first file this way. When I desire to open a second file with LO already open, I cannot open the second file. There is no result or activity of double clicking on a selected file. (I also tested file in File Explorer and select file to open with, with no success as well).

Alternatively, if I have LO open and one file open, I can successfully open a second file through LO’s menu File > Open…

Also to note, I was able to successfully open second (and more) files through File Explorer in original LO release (19.0…).

Let me know if I can be of any additional assistance with this ticket.


Hi Lindsey this sounds like the same issue these folks were running into.
Please try the solution that RLGL has given.