Multiple windows (instances) of layout in Windows 10?

Not finding any other posts on this topic - is it not possible to open two instances of Layout 2019 in Windows 10? I am able to open as many files in the same window as I want, but I’d like to have two separate windows open on each monitor to copy from one document to another.

I am able to do this with Sketchup (2019 Pro).

Windows 10 Home 64-bit, Intel i5-7200U CPU @ 2.50GHz
Intel HD Graphics 620, 12gb ram

No. LayOut will only open a single main window. You can show both files at the same time and work between them, though.

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Ah, right. That’s a simpler way to do it. Would be nice to have them both full size though. Thanks Dave!

I thought you were needing justification to get that 86" display. :smiley:


Hi DaveR
How do achieve showing multiple files?
Thanks in advance

Multiple files of what?

As per your illustration of layout files

Open both files. Right click on one of the tabs and choose New Horizontal Tab Group or New Vertical Tab Group

Screenshot - 8_6_2020 , 12_26_57 PM

New Vetical Tab Group:

Brilliant thank you so much :smiley:

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Dave, that has to take the prize for Layout Tip of the Year! I had no idea this could be done (I’m on SU 2018 so presume it works in earlier versions as well?). I have a two screen set-up so had a go at getting nearer to the OP’s original intention.

Open a Layout file
Click on the Maximise box icon at the top right corner of the window to get the overlapped boxes icon
Click and stretch the window edge across both screens and adjust the upper and lower edges if needed.
Open a second Layout file and right click on it’s tab etc as Dave has shown
Drag the dividing file window edge across to the screen edge between the monitors
Result is two full sized windows of two Layout files over two screens

I am running Windows 10 and can’t say if this will work for everyone but give it a try!
Incidentally, you can have more than two tiled windows but it does get a bit crowded.

I don’t remember when it was introduced but it’s been there for a long time. I’m kind of surprised it isn’t widely known.

I’ve been doing this for some time.

Even better (although in reality it won’t make any difference I suppose) is to use an AutoHotKey script to maximise precisely the Layout window to the two screens (or three…)

FWIW, you can also look at more than one page in the same LO project.

Create a new window for the project. This will create a second tab for the same LO file.

Then split the window as before.

Yes, even better! Always good to pick up something new even when accompanied by that ‘just me then?’ feeling!

Thanks for this great insight Dave … do you (or does anyone) know if this can work on the Mac OS platform?