MULTITASKING with Layout - working on 2 files (whilst one is processing)

I have a feeling that the answer will be NO for multitasking in the way I multitask with SketchUp, but perhaps this could be a feature request in this case.

I usually open 2-3 SketchUp files (they are all opening as separate “entities”), which allows me to work on one file, whilst the other is processing.

I would like to do the same with Layout, but they are opening in the same entity as separate windows. Unfortunately in this case I am not able to work on the other file whilst waiting for one to process.

Is it a way to open the files in a separate Layout entity - on the same computer?

There isn’t a way to open multiple instances of LayOut like there is with SketchUp so if LO is busy rendering you can’t switch to another LO file to work on it.

If you are experiencing large delays in rendering, perhaps optimizing your modeling and LO workflow is in order. Or maybe that’s a sign that you need to get away from your computer for a bit and make a cup of tea or let the dog out.

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On windows one way you can do this is to run a 2nd instance of Layout as another user

Hold shift and choose the run as different user

You just need to create another user account on your machine for this to work

Alternatively you could open 2 different compatible versions of Sketchup , so have 2021 and 2022 open at the same time.

Bear in mind you’ll need extra system memory available in order to run more programs concurrently.

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There is that. Might be better to go make a cup of tea. :wink:

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Patience is a virtue


Thank you for all of the answers.

I am back from the kitchen, had my tea…still waiting for Layout.

Yes. It is a big file (374 124 KB) with an aereal location picture over it…I only need to produce one overall layout plan out of it and need everything on it…And as I am before printing and I need the details, I turned to HYBRID mode…hence the question above. In this case, I can imagine happily working on the other drawings of the project which would not require much memory usage as it’s a detail and mostly needs drafting…

This is why I was wondering if there is or will be a way to do this…

The file is already optimized and cleaned (which made it 220 000 KB lighter…:slight_smile:

374 Kb is not a large file. Maybe you mean Mb instead of Kb? If it really is 374 Kb and causing a delay, there’s something wrong with your computer.

It would be interesting to see the LO file.

Yeah that sounds weird.
374kb sounds quite reasonable. Unless you are stacking the same viewport 100times I wouldn’t think it would take so long

Upps, I left out 124 of the end…Sorry

Thank you !

So you mean it’s 374124 Kb?

Understood. Oh well.

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