We need two LayOuts open at once

I work on some large models (200mb but lots of scenes and tabs) and am constantly struggling with the time it takes LO to update the reference file/s, re-render, save, export to pdf, etc.

It may only take a few minutes, but it’s frequent…and I feel like im spending 30%+ of my time waiting for LO to do something.

Splitting the LO document into two smaller ones could save a fair bit of time…however its not possible to work on more than one LO doc at a time (on PC at least).

Why can’t we work on two LO files at the same time, the same as SketchUp?

You can have multiple LO files open in LO. This is why I preach breaking drawing sets down by type. Separate files for floor plans, elevations etc. since you can have them open at the same time, there is no advantage to loading a single file with all the drawings.

It’s also much easier to access specific drawings and printing partial sets.

Not sure how it works for others, but whenever one of my LO documents is processing something, (even saving) then the LO program pauses and I’m unable to do any work in the other LO tab during this time.

That’s correct. I never have to wait long. Even my largest models update in less than 60 seconds. Most pages update instantly, especially in early stages.

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You may open a new window for LayOut file by this feature.

Or even open a new window with the same file, then drag to a tab Vertical/Horizontal tab group, like this.

This will be great if you have a wide monitor screen.

But I agree with you about feature open another LayOut instance. Sometime, while we’re exporting drawings, we can continue working in another file.

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You could open 2022 and 2023 at the same time. They deal with the same SU file types.

We also have issues like yours, we also split files as much as viable, we also have big models with textures but not dense geometry. I never thought of having two LO instances open but it makes sense.

Not a bad idea… though risky if you open an older version and resave etc.

I’m really finding the number of Save, Update, Render cycles just adds up.

My models are pretty complex and I do often adjust things quite a bit, from shadows to edge styles to section cuts…so i wish i didnt have to do so many latenight/early AM Layout Documentation sessions…it’s becomea routine.

2022 and 2023 are compatible, I believe (maybe only sketchup?)

No, you can not open LayOut 2023 file with LayOut 2022, but SketchUp does.

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