Layout Ideas

Would be so brilliant if you could open multiple layout files in different windows like you can in Sketchup. This would help in the architectural use of the program and cross referencing between multiple screens.


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What if you could look at two files at the same time on the same display?

Yes this works- but depending on the size of one’s screen the images may not be large enough to work on detailed information. Would be great if this was an added feature in Layout 2022 or 2023?

You can also have the Layout area split horizontally.

I have a small AutoHotKey (Windows only) script that will maximise Layout exactly to either two or three of my monitors. I then split the Layout area accordingly.

But as you say, having separate instances would be much better.

LO used to work as multiple copies (about 5+ years ago?)

This also made it possible to Render a set of plans while working on a different plan, which I found very helpful.
Even tabs don’t allow this (not sure why…just use a different CPU core?)