Layout-Window with double click does not work

Hi all

I’m new here, but read in the forum often
I learned a lot from it.
Today I have to take your help, because the layout problem shouldn’t exist at all.

Usually with a double click inside the layout window you can change for example: the perspective angle.

But suddenly, with the double click, the layout window does not open
I tried sketchup first with repairs and then reinstalled it later. Still it didn’t work.

I have Sketchup 2021 and Nivedia RTX 2070 and have been working without a problem for over 10 years.

I would reinstall everything, which I also have to delete
Who can give me a tipp, maybe so that sketchup works normally again.

Thanks D.Design

The double click on a viewport ability was turned off by default and now has to be enabled in the settings - I forget where.

Best practice is to have it turned off and set up scenes in SketchUp.

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Wow, thank you very much, Paul. I found it.
i never thought that it was a matter of attitude.

I’m ashamed of myself as a sketchup fan
thanks again

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