LayOut 2021 don't change window view

Hi. In layout 2021 I can’t change 3d view in windows (orbit model, change view, scale, etc.).
In 2020, with a double click, we ‘enter’ in the window, and can change view as we want.
Why not in 2021???

You can do that in LO2021 if you enable it in Preferences. It’s the same way in LO2020.

Screenshot - 12_3_2020 , 11_09_31 AM

It’s generally not a good idea to do this as it disconnects the viewport from the scene in SketchUp meaning that certain changes you might make in the SketchUp model won’t translate to the viewport. That’s why this ability to prevent the double click on the viewport was added.

Again, this is a feature in LO2020, too.

I was thinking may be a pc hardware/software problem/conflict.
In another pc, I’d never set this option, and ‘skp model edit’ was ever set on, automatically.
So I did not know this.