Can't Click "Edit 3D View" in Context Menu - Layout 2020

Subject is the question: This option is no longer available in this 2020 update, but never had this problem before in previous versions.

It’s because you have it disabled in Preferences>General. (It’s not a bug.)The option to disable it had been requested by many users for a long time and that feature was added with LO2020. Since changing camera position in the viewport creates some disconnect between the SketchUp scene and the viewport, it’s nice that accidentally double clicking on the viewport won’t modify the scene in LO.
Screenshot - 5_14_2020 , 4_40_56 PM

Sounds like you might want to go to the Release Notes and see what else is new for SU/LO2020.


I’m good thanks, this was never an issue for me before 2020 but, ok, glad this helps more people.
Everything else so far about this version has worked as well as previous. thanks.

FWIW, this is a screen shot from the Release Notes for anyone else who comes along thinking this is a bug.
Screenshot - 5_14_2020 , 4_53_34 PM

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thanks for the lead and help

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