Layout Welcome delete "recently opened files"

How to delete old files that are not needed in the welcome page

Thanks for tip

The red banner indicates those are recovered files. You could open them and save them someplace so LO isn’t looking for a recovered file anymore. Or you can navigate to where the recovered files are stored in User/AppData/Local/SketchUp… and delete the files. Probably easier and safer to open them so you can check to confirm that you really don’t need them. If you don’t save them to the desktop or someplace and then delete them.

Variation of what Dave was suggesting: When you open the recovered file you are given a choice of whether to open that file, or the original file. If you are sure that the original file has all the changes you want, you can choose to open the original and have the recovered file be deleted. Then make any change, and Save.

If you want to go and manually delete the recovered files, you can get to the folder Dave mentioned by copying and pasting this text into the File Explorer path field:

%LocalAppData%\SketchUp\SketchUp 2021\LayOut\working

Do that while LayOut is closed, and any folders you find are the documents you had open when LayOut crashed. From your screenshot I would guess you will see two folders. If you are sure that the original files are still good, you can delete those folders.

I thank you Dave and Colin for the tips:

I have the files (red banner) on an external hard drive and do not need them at the moment, so I would like to delete them.

I saw that it should be under … Layout \ working
but I tried to look, but didn’t find anything a files … Layout \ working (also not with search)

As Colin wrote they will be folders. they won’t look like LayOut files.

This is from my LO2020 Working folder because I don’t have any recovered files in the 2021 folder.
Screenshot - 12_26_2021 , 9_17_22 AM

as you can see it should be under this folder,

IMG_3309 (1)

I’m missing the folder but sketchup/layout works great

You’re looking in Roaming, not Local.

Compare the path in my screen shot to yours along with the two paths shown in your screen shots.

thanks, I’m silly