Layout 2021 on Mac Application/SketchUp 2021/Layout/working is massive

What is the the “Application/SketchUp 2021/Layout/working” directory?

It is currently at ~16gb.

Is this similar to what other people are seeing?

There is a grandchild folder beneath the “working” folder for “Recovered Files”.
(The same is true for SketchUp itself.)

From the online manuals, see:

SketchUp User Guide: Backing up a SketchUp file or restoring an Auto-save file

The LayOut Welcome window works similarly (but I cannot find it’s manual page.)

EDIT: Okay I suppose it is here …
LayOut User Guide: Creating and Saving a LayOut Document
… but it is out of date. (Refers to the Welcome window as the “Getting Started” dialog.)

Each time you have LayOut crash, its current documents will still be unpacked inside that working folder. If you look at the welcome to Layout window, each entry that shows Recovered is one of the folders inside the working folder.

You could open one of those recovered files, and when asked if you want to open the recovered file, or the original, you can decide whether the original is fully up to date. If it is, open it, let LayOut delete the recovered file, and then close the original file.

Or, if you have LayOut closed and you look at the folders in the working folder, you may be able to tell if you need any of them. If you’re sure you don’t, delete them, and then open LayOut. The welcome screen won’t show any recovered files.

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Thank you Dan and Colin.

I have been having a lot of crashes, that explains why I have so many.

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