Hidden "ref" folder in Layout: what is it & can I delete it

Whilst cleaning up my general SketchUp and Layout folders (in prep for finally upgrading to 2023) I came across a folder called “working” which has a lot of subfolders with numeric file names. These folders seem to contain renamed versions of files that I have been creating recently. The folders have a lot of data and I would like to know why they have been created and can I safely remove them. A sreen shot of the file path is attached along with the info for the contents (file size) of the folder contents. Any advice appreciated

Those are copies of recovered LayOut files. If all of the originals will open successfully you should be able to delete them with no problem.

You could do the same with the contents of SketchUp 2021/SketchUp/working/SKETCHUP/RecoveredFiles.

Thank you Dave, for the very prompt response.
I have done a few test deletes, without problems but wanted some certainty before a big cleanse.

Good luck.

Make sure LayOut is closed before deleting things. Some of those are your currently open documents.

Thanks for the clarification