Deleting referenced files for layout

Hi there,

is it necessary to keep the referenced files?
As the .layout file is a zip archive, I think it would be no problen to delete the referenced files?
That will also solve problems created by transferring the .layout file to another folder…
And it saves a lot of space for achiving files…

Any arguments not to delete the reference files?

If you first unlink all the references so that LayOut isn’t looking for the originals when you open the LayOut file, I guess you could delete the original references.

AMD of i don’t unlink, it just adds the filename some strange numbers…
It would save a lot of space, and as i am often working from home, saving later the files on the server sometimes results in not finding the original reference files, even if saved in the same folder…

Those are used by the LayOut file. They don’t hurt anything. If you choose not to Unlink the files then LayOut will be looking for them when the LO file is opened. In some cases that will result in missing viewports, images, etc.

If the original path to the linked reference isn’t accessible when you open the LayOut file, it will show as missing.

I guess it’s your choice to unlink the references or not. You know what might happen if you don’t.

Are you still using SketchUp/LayOut 2020?

Started last week using 2023, makes any difference?

There are substantial differences between 2020 and 2023. Please update your forum profile.

done…where can I find these differences summarized?

Look at the Release Notes. and look in the Help Center.