Deleting files in Sketchup and Layout

How to I delete files in Sketchup and Layout Using Sketchup Pro 2023? I have tried everything of my knowledge to do so, and nothing works.

Does anyone know how I can get some Tech Support hep some where. Can someone acknowledge that they can see this message? Not sure if my messages are making it through on this community chat.

Are you asking how to delete a .skp file from your computer?

You don’t “…delete files in SketchUp and LayOut”. You’d need to delete the files you created from the location you saved them to.

Please stop making multiple posts for this same issue. Explain what you are trying to do so someone can help you.

Sorry, I will wait for a answer for now on. I am a new customer to Sketchup and a lot of different issues come up frequently. The last response given to me leaves me still lost when it comes to the " How to delete files from sketchup and Layout. I would appreciate a clearer step by step guide of procedures I have to do to correct any issues, because it seems like 90% of the time Tab sequences are not the same on my end. For example: " Left click on the sketchup icon and choose close all windoave wws." Well like I said, on my end left clicking on any sketchup icon doesn’t give me any box that gives me that choice to close all windows. Since I purchased this program roughly three weeks ago, I have spent more time trying to correct issues that are not taught on any learning platform than I have working on any models moving forward. I will wait patiently for anymore help and instructions on this issue. Thank you, Keith

Do you know where you saved the SketchUp files?

Aaron, referring back to this question of yours. I’m not sure if their in a .skp file. I can tell you that these files have been sent to Layout by means of " send to layout " through the file dropdown box. Most of them I see That are in the Layout screen are Untitled and are in sequence on top of the layout screen and below the menu bar.

1 SketchUp files are .skp files.

2 Send to LayOut will create another file, a .layout file.

3 It seems you have a question about using LayOut. Possibly deleting a file. But your question has to be clarified.

I don’t know where there saved, but I can see most of them by going though my windows Icon on my toolbar below. Then I see them under the recommended text. I can close them but not delete them.

If you want to know where they are saved in SketchUp or LayOut, select File->Save As. That will open File Explorer and show you where you saved them. Select Cancel. Go to the file location using File Explorer, select the files you want to delete.

Dave, as I mentioned to you a few times before, I am a beginner learner of this Sketchup Pro program , so there is a lot of times you lead me somewhere to no prevail. Don’t get me wrong there are issues that did get corrected on your behalf. So I do want to thank you for all your efforts in the help you do give. I’m just hoping you can explain yourself a bit more for me.

3DxJFD, Yes you are right I am trying to delete files out of Layout.

What do you mean by, …“delete files out of LayOut”?

All I know is that working on a model in sketchup pro and sending it to Layout a multiple of times. I guess they were stock piling up in the Layout platform, They’re all being stored in a row right below the menu bar going from left to right. Then when I try to open and delete them it gives me a pop-up box that says “save or don’t save” tabbing anyone doesn’y do anything so I have to cancel out. Now I have in Layout one Template shingling down on another and cannot change anything.

“They’re all being stored in a row right below the menu bar going from left to right.”

Will you please do a screen capture of what you describe?

I got lucky one time before and done that, I will try again but you may have to assist me in that, Give me a minute to see if I can remember.

I guess I for got can you guide me on how?

No. But you can do it with the Snipping Tool that comes with Windows.

You ought to take a look at the Square One Series videos. They’ll help you to learn the basics.

Is that a video of how to screen shot?