Deleting files in Sketchup and Layout

To take a screenshot press Win+Shift+s the screen will dull and a toolbar should appear, just drag a rectangle around the part of the screen you want to capture.
Then use ctrl+v to paste it into a reply window and wait for it to load.

There is a minimum amount of computer knowledge needed for us to be able to help you. Not knowing how to save or delete files is below that level. Realistically you need someone to go through some of the computer fundamentals with you.

I think you need a course of how to use a computer before learning sketchup, this things that you’re asking aren’t issues related with the program, it is the same with any program, you can’t delete a file of the file is being used by a program. But you don’t even know where are your files.

Doing that will open a new window of layout, you don’t need to send it to layout every time to make something on sketchup, you just need to save and go back to layout, if you’ve saved all the windows you’ve opened you’ll have a lot of files linked to the same skp model.
Anyways, first learn how windows works, do you know what version of windows you’re using so you can follow the right course or tutorial? Windows 10 and 11 are similar but windows 8 is different and I’m not sure if sketchup 2023 has support for windows 8.

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so from what I understand - and I’m sorry to say that, but your explanations are not very clear -

you’re working on sketchup, and everytime you click on send to layout, layout opens a new tab. because that’s what this button does, it creates a new layout file.

so now you have many tabs, and you don’t know how to delete them ? just like you did. close them. layout asks you if you want to save the file ? well decide if you want to save the file. if you do, then click on save, and it’ll ask you where you want to save the file.
if you don’t want to save the file, then click on don't save. that’s it. that’s all. the files are not stored in layout or anywhere.

right now, if you clicked several times on send to layout, NONE OF THE TABS that you created in layout are currently saved anywhere. Each of these tabs is a new layout file. just like any file in any software, you need to manually save it / them somewhere on your computer.

to delete a sketchup file, simply delete the skp and skb files created at the location YOU saved it.
to delete a layout file, simply delete the layout file at the location YOU saved it.
if YOU didn’t save anything anywhere, then closing sketchup or layout will prompt the save/don't save window, and if you still want to delete the files, just click don't save, and it won’t save.

not a chat. it’s a forum. meaning you post something, and then you wait for people to answer. it can take minutes, it can take month.

from what you describe, not having read any other of your threads, I’m pretty sure the instruction was to right click on the sketchup icon at the bottom of your screen and pick cloe (or close all windows). Not left click.

I concur with Box, you might consider basic training on your computer itself. The way saving files works, where they are saved, opening / closing a software… sketchup has a low required level of knowledge, but still, you need to know these things.

There has been a lot of frustration from both sides of this discussion. Maybe it would help if you tell us a bit about yourself so we better understand.

What is your native language?
How old are you?
How much experience with computers do you have?
Have you studied any of the SketchUp tutorials?