I deleted the recovered file from the welcome menu, can I get it back?

I permanently deleted the recovered file that shows up in the welcome menu, is there any way to get it back?

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It isn’t there, is there no other way? :')

well then no. if you actively deleted the recovery file, then it’s not supposed to exist anymore, because you deleted it.

The file would be in your Recycle Bin unless you have emptied it.

It’s not there either, the file that was deleted is the one that shows up as a recovered file in the sketchup welcome menu. I chose to keep the previous file and not the recovered one. Does that mean I can’t get the recovered one back?


deleting the file from the “recovered” screen means it will be deleted from the recovered folder.

so if you deleted it there, and it is neither in the recovered files folder nor in your trash, then yes, it’s gone. completely deleted.

Ah okay well that’s unfortunate, thank you for letting me know