Getting rid of "recovered files" on SU Welcome Page

When I open SU on the Welcome Page (which I find helpful), I always have a bunch of “Recovered” files on the list from months ago.
Any idea how to eliminate them either in SU or directly in their file location?

I’ve tried opening them up, and then closing and when it asks if I want to save I say no, but they’re still there… lurkers! :laughing:


You might try going to User/AppData/Local/SketchUp/SketchUp 2020/SketchUp/working/SKETCHUP/RecoveredFiles anddeleting or moving the .skp files out of it. That works for me.

The way that you would use a recovery file, without manually going to the folder to move them out, is this:

Choose the recovery file in the welcome screen. You are shown a thumbnail for the recovery file itself, and a thumbnail for the last successful saved version. At that point you decide whether you need the changes that are in the recovery file. You either:

a. Choose the last saved file. If you do, the recovery file gets deleted.
b. Choose the recovery file. You still have a chance to change your mind and go back to the last saved file. Assuming you do like the later changes in the recovery file, you save that version. The wise thing to do would be to save it as a later version, but you could also save it on top of the existing last saved file.

In either of those two cases the recovery file is deleted, and won’t appear in the welcome screen after that. Going into the folder and manually removing the files can still be useful, especially to get rid of some ancient untitled documents, that you don’t really need.

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Many thanks - I understand a bit better now why they weren’t deleting themselves.
Ta! :+1:

Tadaa!! And as if by magic - it worked :sparkler:
Thanks again, DR! :mage:

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