Delete History and/or Prevous Files

When I open Layout (from desktop icon) it tries to open about 60+ previous layout files which I had created previously (mainly as tests and/or self training) and have now moved elsewhere as no longer current or have deleted.
I have to close each one before I eventually get to my template.
How to I stop this?
Should I organise files or open Layout another way?

Is it actually opening those files or just showing them in the Welcome screen? If it’s actually opening files, go to Preferences and turn that off.
Screenshot - 1_11_2022 , 9_47_23 AM

If you just want to clear out the Recent Files section in the Welcome panel, close SketchUp and open layout.private.json in a text editor and delete the LastOpenFilesOnClose and MRU_List. It’ll be under user/AppData/Local/SketchUp/SketchUp 2021/LayOut. Save the changes to the file and then reopen LayOut.

Here’s the section on mine.

And the Welcome panel.

After deleting those parts of the .json file the Welcome panel looks like this:

Dave - fantastic…AGAIN… Quick, Clear and Correct

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