Layout Viewport has changed between LO 20 and LO 21 has broken our studio!

The way Layout updates viewports has changed between LO 20 and LO21 This has broken our workflow across our studio.

Rather than explain in detail I’ve attached to this post simple sample files to demonstrate the behaviour.

In the Layout 2020 version (make sure you open in the correct version) if you:

Right-click on the Viewport on the ‘Geometry Option’ layer and change the viewport between the
‘Geometry- Existing’ & "Geometry - Proposed’

Then right-click ‘Update model’ the viewports in the layer ‘Viewports’ should change to match the geometry.

We assume this is because the way Layout updates the viewports is to start at the bottom and only change a viewport that has a different option set up in SketchUp. In this instance geometry, but we have found this works with tags, styles and any criteria.

In Layout 2021 this behaviour is broken and I have no idea why, but it has trashed our whole way of working in the studio!

When you update the model on 2021 the incorrect geometry is displayed in the viewports.

The only solution is to set up viewports with the geometry and camera view for each and every view.

So on a simple project:

In Su 20 we have two geometry scenes and 20 plan / section scenes. 22 scenes in total.

In SU 21 we have now have to have 40 scenes as each plan section now also needs to have the geometry saved with it.

This is much harder to manage.

On a more complex project with multiple phasing and many more scenes, it becomes exponentially harder to manage.

Trimble if you’re reading this. Help!!

Geometry 2020.skp (115.0 KB) Tester 2020.layout (459.7 KB) Geometry 2021.skp (77.9 KB) Tester 2021.layout (414.1 KB)

So you’re hiding groups to control their visibility in a scene?

That’s interesting that in 2020 you were able to change the scene of one viewport and have that change the scene of other viewports.


Groups for large scale geometry. Tags only to change the level of detail within the model.

One viewport controls the visible geometry.

The others are just the camera view and the active section plane.

Once I have a new option in my model I can quickly update out multiple views/ drawings in layout without having to update 10’s of scenes in SketchUp.

You need to do an update model ref for it to update.

It was a behaviour we stumbled upon in trying to simplify our workflow.