LO 2023.1.341 - Same problem as before - changing Viewport scenes

Hi there,

A few months after the Layout/Sketchup update, I had a problem with Viewports again. The same problem as before.
The views are the same, the camera is saved in the right position.
And then the nightmare begins: the viewports change location.

Has anyone had the same problem again? Is there any solution?


Can you share the file to check what could be the issue?

File - We transfer

Hi @francisquitof
Here’s the file. Now it’s a different problem…I can’t change the Viewport scenes, and appears the small yellow triangle
I’ve cleaned up the file…And I tried in different layout file, and different computers (the another one is a macbook m2)…


The yellow triangle indicates you’ve turned off Auto Render and the viewport needs to be rendered. The scene won’t change until the viewport renders. Either click on the Render button or tick the box for Auto in the SketchUp Model panel.

It’s not set the same way in the file you shared.

Which scene are you using that shows the change in the viewport when updating?

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Thank you Dave for your help!

It’s worked now when I rendered with the “Auto Render” button… When I rendered with out Auto Render on, It was giving the same problem…

Do you think we should always leave the auto button on?

There are reasons why you might want Auto Render turned off. For example if you are going back and forth between the model and the LO document to make frequent updates that only affect one or a few scenes, you might want Auto Render off so you don’t have to wait for all of the viewports to get updated. You can manually render/update the desired viewport(s). But if you turn off Auto Render you have to remember that a viewport won’t change when you select a different scene. So if you are copying a viewport to create another one showing a different scene, you’ll have to render it before the change will show.

In my own work I generally leave Auto Render enabled all the time but I normally have my model set up or at least nearly finished before I even start in LayOut. It’s only later when I get changes from the client that I have to go back to make updates and then I want all of the viewports to render anyway.

BTW, I’ve been looking at your SketchUp model setup and I think there’s some things you could do to improve that to make working in LayOut easier. It’s off topic here, I think, so I’ll send it separately.

So thats what that tick box called ‘auto’ under line scale does - doh !!

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