Import changes have broken our workflow

Our office workflow in SU2020 and before which we discovered by trial an error:
In Layout-
On a Layer ‘Option’: A viewport of the with a scene that only saves Geometry called ‘Option Existing’ or ‘Option Proposed’
On a layer above called ‘Model’: The drawing viewports saved only the Camera and the Active section. This is located above the option layer.

In this way, changing the Geometry option Layout updates all the views plans etc on that page and make it very easy to change options.

This reduces the number of scenes we would have to save in each Sketchup file. 4 geometry and 20 drawings views.

This behaviour is broken in SU 2021. So we now have to set up views with the geometry as well. So instead of 24 scenes, we have to manage 80. We will not be upgrading to 2021.

To be honest, as English is not my mother tongue, I couldn’t understand what you are describing.
Which import changes? What are you importing? Can you post an example? Can you give a more detailed description of your workflow?
The consensus is that the number of needed pre-saved scenes and layers of stacked viewports has reduced in transition to the latest versions of LayOut.

are those objects tagged differently in SketchUp? If so, you should be able to (un)check them in the SketchUp Model panel in LayOut (open the Tags section)

I think @alimac is talking about the hidden geometry feature that has been split between hidden geometry and hidden objects.

If that’s so:

  • In View menu you can find that there are now two entries: view hidden objects and view hidden geometry.

  • In scenes advanced settings you also have two options on the tick boxes for storing or unstring hidden geometry current state and hidden objects current state.

Sketchup team did this to clarify what is being hidden: faces and edges (geometry) or components and groups (objects).

If you want to restore old behaviour, @eneroth3 has developed a plugin that creates a 3rd entry that combines the two in view menu. She did that as soon as the change was released. Maybe the entry should be there by default.

Thanks for the comment. It’s not to do with Geometry or face edges.

It’s a really hard thing to explain as the way layout updates viewports isn’t documents by Trimble. so I’ve uploaded some sample files to a new post which should helpfully explain the problem more clearly!