Layout Viewport Clipping Problem

Has anyone else experienced this issue?

In Layout 2022, a Viewport set to a Scene that looks fine in Sketchup, can be missing distant objects.

Nov-15-2022 20-51-37

I thought it might be related to the well documented Sketchup clipping plane issue which is related to model extents, especially large ones. In this case however, the same corrective measures (moving the Axis Origin / eliminating widely distant objects) does not fix the issue.

If you orbit in the same way in SketchUp, the same thing should happen.

The old clipping problem was mostly fixed in 2022.0, but had some undesirable side effects. Mainly, that if you had previously been relying on the clipping by placing the camera half way into the scene, and trusting that the things behind you were clipped, that no longer worked, everything would appear in front of you.

That issue was worked around in an update, where if you place the camera and look in the desired direction, and make sure not to orbit after that, the things behind you would remain clipped. As soon as you would orbit, the things behind you would become visible again.

When you orbit the viewport in LayOut, everything behind the camera becomes visible. To get the viewport to look different, but still use the clipping effect, you would need to change the scene back in SketchUp.

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For me, opening the scene in SketchUp, switching the camera to Perspective and back to Parallel, and updating the scene, fixed the view in LayOut.

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I’ll try that @Anssi !

@colin Nope. Everything looks fine in Sketchup. Agreed. I don’t think this is the same issue but I thought I’d mention it nonetheless.


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