Layout - Unwanted toggling in View/Styles

I have now had it!!! Why does a viewport (or whatever its called), decide by itself to jump into the model, thereby changing the position and scale. It seems one has to deal with the imported model with kid gloves lest it morfs into things you dont want.

Every time you make changes to your SketchUp model, if a LayOut viewport is not linked to a saved scene, it will jump to displaying the view that was active when the model was saved. I would say that you should not make any changes to a viewport’s view or style in LayOut, even with kid gloves. Only adjust the view scale and viewport borders, and do all the other adjustments in SketchUp, saving scenes and styles there.

How about sharing a LayOut file that exhibits this behavior?

You don’t have to handle the viewports with kid gloves but you do have to do things correctly.

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