Layout to cad layer exports

When I export to CAD from layout, I have 2 problems.

  1. It does not export my model geometry with the layer names i used in sketchup.

  2. All of the layers come into CAD as white. I have checked the box for export color layers but I don’t know how to assign color to Layout Layers.

Any help is appreciated.

Cannot share screenshots of project or share project file due to NDA.

Check out this new extension: 5D+ Auto VBO
Looks promising…

Hi Houzzacards,

I don’t know of an easy process for this, it is a feature request. If only Layout could export the Sketchup layers and associated names.

With that said, I have developed a workflow to export CAD linework as backgrounds for MEP/ structural consultants. Tried and true for many projects including a 40,000 sf office space. It takes some time to set up but is relatively simple and a fair trade off from other cumbersome workflows.

  1. Open a new sketchup file
  2. Import the sketchup file you’re wanting to export. This allows you to create new scene tabs without screwing up your central model. You can right click and reload the model if you make modifications later on down the line.
  3. Create scenes with the floor plans you want to export (works for sections too but you will need to layer manage and create your own layer hierarchy)
  4. This is the important part: turn off all layers except 1 and create a new scene. I set the camera in the same spot, and draw a L shape crop box mark that shows up in every scene. Add a scene for each layer you want to export (walls, doors, windows, electrical outlets, etc)
  5. Save the file separately. I create a file folder called sketchup export.
  6. Import into layout. Add a new sheet for each scene. I duplicate the sheet, then change the view so it stacks neatly
  7. Make sure the layout viewports are set to vector and that the crop mark shows in each view port.
  8. Export the layout file to a DWG. I name my DWG sketchup Raw export. Open it. All your sheets will be stacked side by side and white DWG linework.
  9. Now you grab each set of linework (walls, doors, windows, etc.) and layer manage them in AutoCAD.
  10. Stack each set of linework on top of each other using the crop mark reference point. You now have a CAD base that you can share with consultants.

The crop mark reference point is the key. Essentially you’re deconstructing the model, then reassembling the layers in CAD. You can put the CAD layers to whatever color and layer name you want by layer. I can do whole this process in about 30-45 mins. It takes time but it sure beats redrawing it all in another program. I’d rather draw in Sketchup that CAD or Revit! Here are some images of this workflow. Happy to help if you have questions :call_me_hand:

Office Floor Plan.pdf (2.2 MB)

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Interesting process. Thanks for sharing.