Sketchup layers and associated colors do not export to CAD

Does anyone have an efficient workflow for exporting Sketchup files into CAD where the layers are preserved and the color for each layer transfers? I run into the same problem each time I export from SU to CAD for consultant coordination - all SU layers default to layer 0 in CAD and all lines are white. Essentially not providing any layer control. I have figured out some work arounds but they are cumbersome and not great. The best work around is exporting 3D but still not clean. Overall, consultants are not happy with the files and tends to yield a higher consultant fee.

Hi. There is a solution.

  1. Edit a style with Edge Settings: change Color from “All Same” to “by Material”
  2. Export to CAD by 2D Graphic.
  3. Open Cad file, you will see all lines are same layer but seperated by color. With these kind of drawings, you have many way or lisps to seperate them into layers.

i will try this next time i export. thank you.