Export from Sketchup to Autocad keeping colors and components



Hi everyone. I was searching a little bit about this issue but couldn’t find any solution. I have my 3D Model in Sketchup done with many components that I created. When I export the 2D Model to autocad all colors and components are completly lost. My components become just a sort of lines and get mixed with other lines that belong to different components. How can I keep the components after doing the export? Thank you very much for your help.


2d export loses what you want to keep.
3d export keeps layer-colors and ‘blocks’ are made from components etc…


I’ve seen a similar problem in exporting Layout to DWG.
In the settings for the export, there is the option: “Export Entities as Color by Layer”, even set it on, the colors are not shown.


That’s disappointing. I wanted to test that out some time, but hadn’t gotten to it yet.


I think you can export by color but only if you color the edges.

Under styles switch the edge color option


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